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Good! You have come to the right place. Our team of stock trading professional's mission is to analyze, track and rate the best penny stocks to watch in the market today. We realize how tough it is for the ordinary investor to make money in today’s volatile stock market. Some, probably like you turn to penny stocks in order to make huge gains on relatively little capital. But, like any investment you need to find the right information, you need to find the top penny stock picks to invest in and take advantage of this amazing market. Like any good trader you also need to watch the best penny stocks to buy and we provide those tools. Add to your arsenal of stock research tools and watch your portfolio reap the rewards. We are the leading penny stocks to watch newsletter on the web!

About Penny Stocks

We know Penny Stocks. The hot OTC Stock that doubled yesterday. Those Penny Shares that were just about to take off. We give out 40 to 50 stocks picks every year. We do the hard work.
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Discount Brokerages

Do you find it time consuming to search and compare countless online stock brokerage firms? Let us do the hard work for you. Our comparison includes ratings, reviews and analysis on the top discount brokerage houses.
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Trading Lessons

Many people find themselves confused about how to trade OTC stocks – stop loss, market orders, swing trading? Confusing terms. Take our course on stock trading tips and strategies and get an edge.
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